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Sydney Wedding Celebrant

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Sydney Wedding Celebrant

If you’re looking for a Sydney wedding celebrant to officiate your wedding, look no further than Chris Pinto. Chris Pinto is a Sydney-based civil wedding celebrant who not only officiates in weddings, same sex ceremonies, renewal of vows, legals only weddings, and elopements but also takes care of other prerequisites to getting married, like all the paperwork, documentation, and registration that have to be done, plus some post wedding requirements too!


Once you’ve got Chris Pinto on board to officiate your wedding, he’ll readily get down to business. He’ll conduct an introductory meeting, so you’d get to know all about Chris, and he’ll get to know about you and your partner, too. This will help Chris come up with content to write for the ceremony, funny anecdotes, memorable stories, inside jokes, the whole lot that will make you and your guests feel a multitude of emotions that will make you laugh, sentimental, tear up, and feel the love. At this stage, Chris will also assist you with completing the Notice of Intended Marriage document and the preparation of legal paperwork for signing during the ceremony.

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Wedding/Ceremony Day

Chris Pinto will facilitate the ceremony, whether it’s civil marriage (same sex or opposite sex), renewal of vows, elopement ceremony, or legals only wedding. The basic promise of making this day as personal as possible will always be there regardless of the scale of the ceremony. It’s a promise Chris Pinto has been known to deliver, as attested by 5-star reviews from satisfied couples from all walks of life.

Experience Chris Pinto’s gift of gab, wit, warmth, and candour as he expertly takes everyone through a range of emotions that will make everybody tear up, laugh, and even feel sentimental all over. It’s what he’s born to do, to make your very special day a day that everybody will remember. It’s his passion!

Post Wedding

Chris Pinto can assist you with any documentations you and your partner may need for your wedding, same sex wedding, and legal only weddings for a nominal fee. Chris can also host your post-ceremony celebration. Just give us a ring and we’ll happily discuss our services with you!

Chris Pinto is a most sought-after Sydney Wedding Celebrant so we advise that you book him early on in order for him to make all the necessary preparations needed to formalise the ceremony you and your partner may need.