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Legal Only Wedding

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Legal Only Wedding Sydney

Your legal-only wedding in Sydney doesn’t have to be all ceremonious. It’s not an academic exercise. This special day is for the both of you to say that I will be spending the rest of my life with you, and so you have to make it the momentous occasion that it ought to be.

Turn this formality into a magical occasion by granting me the chance to draw an imprint of love and laughter in the hearts and minds of everyone present during this occasion. Allow yourself as a couple as well as the most important people in your lives experience the joy and excitement that your marriage should bring you for the rest of your lives.

By letting me interact with you as well as everyone in attendance in unique ways that only matter to you, we are able to pull at heartstrings and create unforgettable memories. These remarkable moments that I will help you create will be the positive energy that you will take into the beautiful life that you will be sharing together

wedding flower

What I Can Do For You

Pre Wedding

  • Introductory meeting to discuss Ceremony details
  • Assistance with completing Notice of Intended Marriage document
  • Writing of personalised Ceremony
  • Preparation of legal paperwork for signing during Ceremony

Wedding Day

  • Facilitation of Civil Marriage Ceremony

Post Wedding

  • Marriage registration with Births, Deaths & Marriages
  • Optional ordering of Official Certificate of Marriage (additional cost of $60)